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Retention appliances

Congratulations on having your "braces" removed! Now, it's crucial to adhere to all instructions regarding the retention period. Retention appliances are designed to maintain your teeth in the position achieved by the braces as much as possible. Your orthodontist will determine the duration for wearing your retention appliances. If you accidentally lose or damage your appliances, please contact us immediately. We will schedule two complimentary check-up appointments per year for the next two years to monitor your retainers. After two years, we recommend having them checked by your family dentist twice a year.

Here are three important and easy-to-follow instructions to ensure the proper functioning of your appliances:

  1. Wear them as instructed:
    Note that failure to follow these instructions (e.g., wearing your retainers insufficiently) may result in them no longer fitting properly and your teeth shifting.

  2. Keep them clean:

    • For removable retainers: brush thoroughly with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste after brushing your teeth.

    • For fixed retainers (wire): brush thoroughly and floss between each tooth using a floss threader at least once a day.

  3. Handle them with care:

    • Use your fingers to put on and remove your retainers, as demonstrated. Avoid using your teeth or tongue for these tasks, as improper handling could cause breakage.

    • Store your retainers in their case when not in your mouth to reduce the risk of breakage or loss. Repair or replacement fees will be charged for any damages.

    • Do NOT use any chemical cleaning solution (e.g., POLIDENT) and keep your retainer away from heat sources to prevent damage.

Remember: Teeth, jaw bones, and surrounding tissues naturally tend to shift throughout life for everyone, whether they've had orthodontic treatment or not. This is why most orthodontists recommend keeping your retainers even after the retention period to maintain the achieved tooth position as much as possible.

Lastly, it's advisable to have an exam and cleaning by your dentist within three months of braces removal and twice a year thereafter.

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