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Re : Covid-19 – update june 1st, 2020


Dear patients, dear parents

 We hope you and your family have stayed healthy. The whole world is going through a very disturbing period for everyone. Time has stood still for many businesses and we have been plunged into the unknown. We join the entire Quebec community in respecting its rules for a pleasant and safe return.

 It is with the greatest concern to protect our entire team at Dr Nguyen’s clinic, as well as all our patients, their families and members of the community, that we are pleased to announce the reopening of our clinic for elective treatments on June 1st, and this, by carefully following all the measures issued by the government authorities.

 Remember that Montreal has remained a "hot" area up to now. Infection control has always been a priority in our clinic and we want to assure you that all measures have been taken to protect our team players as well as our patients and parents. To this end, we have invested in immense changes, layouts, equipment and medical supplies required such as HEPA air filtration systems, KN95 protective masks, face shields, a compulsory registration system for all, physical distancing in our facilities, frequent and enlarged surface disinfection protocol, etc, etc ... All this, of course, is installed IN ADDITION to all the universal sterilization measures according to the highest and current standards that we already have in place.

 Therefore, you know without any doubt that our return will no longer be the same reality as before. For example, to meet all the new standards, we will no longer be able to receive 50 patients a day, but much less. It will not be a return to “normal” but to a “new normal”. Please take note of the following changes, always in order to comply with the new Covid-19 directives from Public Health and the various ministries:

- It is preferable that the patient come alone, to try to eliminate any potential for transmission. We will call parents and/guardians once the treatment  is over.


- When you arrive, be aware that the front door will remain locked throughout the day. Please read the instructions posted at the door. You ring and wait so we can come to welcome you and escort you to our treatment rooms


- A limited number of people is allowed inside


- Consequently, to all our patients currently in treatment, you have all been placed in a priority order according to your treatment and the moment that we were supposed to see you again. You WILL BE ALL called, but it will take a long time to catch up with the period of our temporary hold, due to Covid-19


We can now welcome all the new patients that are on our list and all new patients that call to obtain the first consultation appointment


- We thank you for your patience, given the reduced number of patients that we can accommodate at the same time, and per day


 We appreciate your patience during Covid-19. We look forward to seeing you again.


 Dr Thanh-De Nguyen and his team



In order to answer your questions and various situations that you may encounter, we invite you to consult a complete informative guide provided by the Association des orthodontistes du Québec available to download at:

French :

English :

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