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Palatal Expansion

Oral palate widening procedure

The device recently provided to you is designed to expand the upper palate of your mouth. Its proper use is crucial for effective treatment and it is imperative to adhere closely to the instructions provided by our orthodontic team. This appliance is glued to your teeth and you may not remove it on your own.

How to do an activation


To activate the expansion mechanism, insert the provided key into the screw hole located at the deepest part of the palate.

Move the key from the front to the back without pausing at the midpoint, as demonstrated during your instruction.

You will then see the next hole appear for the next activation. Only at this moment will you remove the key.


The most common errors:

  • Avoid moving the key from the back to the front, as this will have no effect to the treatment.

  • Please don't take out the key too soon when activating. If you accidentally remove it early, just put it back where it was and complete the activation.


Hygiene and nutritional considerations


To keep your appliance clean, make sure to brush your teeth really well, paying close attention to where your appliance meets your gums and the roof of your mouth.

Use a regular toothbrush or a special Proxa-brush (shaped like a pine tree, available at pharmacies) to clean those areas properly. It's also helpful to use a water flosser, but not necessary.

If you find any food stuck between your appliance and the roof of your mouth, rinse with salt water or mouthwash to remove it.

To prevent discomfort or damage to your appliance, avoid eating hard or sticky foods and try not to chew too much on just one side of your mouth, as this can cause the appliance to come loose.

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