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Our Orthodontic Services


Montreal orthodontist specialist Doctor Thanh-De Nguyen and his team are committed to offering a personalized approach aiming to provide the finest quality of orthodontic care to all our patients, in a friendly, professional and comfortable environment. Our office is equipped with digital imaging and state of the art technology enabling us to provide you with orthodontics appliances such as braces of white ceramic, gold plated, Invisalign (custom made aligners of comfortable invisible plastic) and post treatment retentive appliances such as retainers :  Le sourire que vous méritez :  Le sourire que vous méritez :  Le sourire que vous méritez

Orthodontic Care


Orthodontic Care (Orthodontics) is the first specialty in the dentistry field which focuses mainly on the diagnosis and the treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Your orthodontist’s main goal is to make you feel better about yourself by enhancing your facial appearance and oral health. Fixing abnormalities of the jaws and teeth straightening with braces are common procedures for orthodontics. :  Le sourire que vous méritez

Dental braces


In the past, dental braces were worn by children and adolescents. Today, a large part of orthodontic patients are adults. Especially esthetically, the modern types of dental braces are not as visible as before. Several different frames are miniature and very small in size, others are made of transparent ceramics and the same color as the teeth. They can all correct the malocclusion by straightening crooked teeth. :  Le sourire que vous méritez



Invisalign (« Invisible Dental Braces ») can be a great alternative to traditional braces. With the use of Invisalign clear and removable braces you can effectively straighten your teeth without people knowing that you are undergoing treatment. :  Le sourire que vous méritez :  Le sourire que vous méritez

Crooked Teeth


Crooked teeth are easily noticeable when people open their mouth or smile. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are countless effective options to straighten misaligned teeth. The method you choose will depend on the degree of misalignment and affordability.

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