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How to fix crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are a very common thing among both adults and children.


Some of us have also suffered from this condition so we know the negative effect is has on our self esteem. Crooked teeth can also cause health problems and serious complications if not taken care of right away. Lucky for you, many orthodontic solutions are available and will be presented to you when visiting an orthodontist specialist. With professional orthodontic treatments, your teeth will be straightened in no time giving you a more attractive smile and help to bring back your self esteem.


Among many problems associated with crooked teeth, one is the inability to provide an efficient support which can lead to jaw and muscle strain leaving your mouth vulnerable to injury. Tooth pain or sensitivity are also a common problem with crooked teeth not to mention that it can make it very difficult to chew some foods leaving more wear and tear on your teeth.


Further more, crooked teeth can also bring cavities and gum disease as they are harder to keep clean so orthodontic treatment are a must to correct these occlusion problems.


Also importantly is the fact that you can take your children to an orthodontist when they are young if you notice any problems at all. The treatment will greatly depend on age.


What are some causes of crooked teeth:


  • When baby teeth fall out and are replaced by much larger adult teeth that grow in one by one, they become crooked from the start.

  • Tooth decay resulting in a tooth loss. When losing a tooth, the other teeth shift in order to fill the gap resulting in crooked teeth.

  • Other medical conditions such as cleft palate or TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder).


Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are easily noticeable when people open their mouth or smile. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are countless effective options to straighten misaligned teeth. The method you choose will depend on the degree of misalignment and affordability.


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