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How much does an orthodontic treatment cost ?​

How much does an orthodontic treatment cost ?


Fees vary depending on the case and treatment type. Consequently, an estimate of the total costs of the treatment will be given at the consultation appointment with your orthodontist. In many cases, a limited treatment will suffice to reach the desired results. Many people are surprised to find out that an orthodontic treatment is less costly than they expected.


The correction of your natural dentition is a change from which you could benefit for a lifetime. In addition, we are glad to offer a flexible payment schedule adapted to your financial needs.


I have insurance. How do I proceed to pay for my orthodontic treatment ?


Several insurance policies include full orthodontic treatments in their list of covered services.

We will provide you with the necessary forms, which are accepted by all theinsurance companies, and which we will fill out for you upon request during your consultation appointment. we will also give you the receipts and other necessary documents in order to facilitate the refund process.

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