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What Causes Crooked Teeth ?


There are many factors that can cause crooked teeth. For example:


– The size of the teeth that take more room for the available space given by the jaws and the gums


– The front teeth that have come out in a wrong angulation (too forward or too backward) and therefore


the way your teeth meet, called occlusion, is not “in line” with each other


– The upper and lower jaws, that have not grown in harmony, can cause interference with the way your teeth


have come out into the shape that you see them now


– Bad habits such as putting things (such as your thumb, fingers or other objects like a pen) into your mouth,


between your teeth, bad tongue habits when you are at rest and when you eat and speak.



How Do Teeth Move ?


With gentle forces applied by the braces, teeth will relocate within the jaw bones. There is also a reshaping of


the gums surrounding the teeth that will occur.


What can I improve while seeking orthodontic services at



OrthoMontreal, orthodontist in Ville St-Laurent ?


If you think you can:


- improve the esthetics (the looks) of your teeth to be straighter, and in line with each other


- improve the esthetics of your jaws that should be more in harmony, being in line with one another


- improve the function, which is the way you can chew foods, and therefore better digestion for


your stomach and your gastro intestinal system



- improve the way your permanent teeth (adult teeth) will come in


- improve your oral hygiene because straight teeth are easier to keep clean


- improve you speech because it is easier to pronounce some difficult words when your teeth and


surrounding tissues like gums, palate, jaw bones are harmonious to each other


- improve your overall confidence 



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