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What is Orthodontic Care

What is orthodontic care ?

Orthodontics is a recognized specialty in dentistry that diagnoses, treats and even prevents irregularity in the teeth and in the face. Orthodontics can treat and correct what is known as “bad bite” or malocclusion.


To receive orthodontic care treatments if you happen to be looking for an Orthodontist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, some appliances must be used. Braces will be attached to the teeth and/or removable appliances will be put in place. These appliances that are removable can be taken out by the patient. These devices are used primarily to correct the irregular bite, bring your teeth and your lips into the proper alignment, and strengthen the teeth and closing any gaps. 


Orthodontic care also helps with other procedures in the world of cosmetic dentistry. One of the major reasons why someone may need Orthodontics is because of bite irregularities.


Many of us have irregular teeth in some way or another. Others may have crowed or spaced teeth. The main problem here though is usually the looks of it as it affects your smile or whenever you open your mouth. In some cases, it may cause difficulty in talking or chewing. Some people do inherit the irregular bite condition while others develop it following a trauma, finger sucking or long term use of a pacifier. Premature loss of baby tooth is another cause.


Why should people seek Orthodontic care though? Well, seeking Orthodontic care is a personaldecision. Crowding, overbites and many other problems affect many people today who choose to live with it without ever getting Orthodontic treatment. Many will feel much more comfortable and self confident having orthodontic procedures to fix these problems. Seeking Orthodontic treatment will also allow a person to chew and speak much better and clearly. Orthodontic care is not only for esthetic reasons but can also benefit your long term dental health. Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and clean and therefore the risk of having tooth decay will be much smaller if you had Orthodontic treatment before. It will also help in preventing gingivitis.


Gingivitis is an inflammation that can damage your gums. If you happen to have this condition, it can lead to other infections causing bacteria to cluster around the area of your gum where the teeth meet. This then leads to Periodontitis, another type of gum disease. This can then lead to teeth loss. Montreal Orthodontic care can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


People with bad bite may not be able to chew food efficiently so Orthodontic treatment would be needed. Some people with severe cases of bad bite suffer from nutrition problems. This is especially possible if the jaws aren’t aligned properly. Fixing a malocclusion with Orthodontics can make it much easier to both chew and digest food. Whenever the lower front teeth and the upper front teeth are not properly aligned speech problems arise.


 If you are an adult suffering from dental malocclusion or if you are a concern parent and would like to find out more about Montreal Orthodontic care services for your children in the city of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, you can visit OrthoMontreal clinic, the Orthodontic office of Dr. Thanh-De Nguyen.


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