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Why Using Rubber Bands For Braces

Rubber bands for braces are used in orthodontic treatment programs to put forces in the teeth and jaws to help with the correction of the malocclusion. Because of the elasticity factor, rubber bands do come in handy for many different uses like holding things together or moving teeth in a controlled direction. Orthodontists have found a way to harness the stretching and pulling power of rubber bands for the purpose of straightening teeth.


Rubber bands for braces come in several lengths, strengths, as well as colors. These rubber bands do apply a constant pressure and force on the teeth and jaws.


Proper wear of the rubber bands for braces will ensure children and adults can benefit greatly from their action in enhancing or slowing down the growth of the jaws. They can also be used to move teeth, like correcting a posterior cross bite.


When attaching elastic rubber bands for braces to a patient’s braces, a professional orthodontist can apply forces to their teeth in a more elaborate way and in different directions than they normally would be able to using braces alone. Typically, a rubber band for braces is attached to the top of an upper bracket and the bottom of a lower bracket of your braces. Just like a normal rubber band would create tension, rubber bands for braces are very stretchy and do produce a great tension.


The forces of this incredible tension pull on the brackets, and this enables the teeth and the jaws to move and eventually straighten. Learning how to put on rubber bands on braces can be a daunting task at the beginning, but after a few tries you’ll quickly get the hang of it. It is generally easier to take off the rubber bands then to put them on. It’s very important to learn how to properly put the rubber bands for braces back on. Improper placement of these rubber bands can harm your teeth or tissues and delay the progress of your treatment. You orthodontist and his staff will show you how to put on the rubber bands for braces. Be sure to wear them accordingly as improper wear will result in prolonged treatment time and compromised or limited results.

Why Using Rubber Bands For Braces
Why Using Rubber Bands For Braces
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