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Night orthodontic appliances for straightening teeth

Night orthodontic appliances for straightening teeth

Night orthodontic appliances for straightening teeth

It is possible nowadays to wear a night-time device to straighten the teeth. However, the treatment time will be much longer and the dental movements will be more difficult than if the orthodontic appliances are worn day and night. When the dental or orthodontic appliance intended to straighten the teeth is removably worn, it can be taken off your teeth during meals and for oral hygiene.

Front teeth: solution without fixed dental appliances.

Orthodontic problems can be grouped in advanced front teeth, protruded, retroclined, or overlapping teeth. It is now possible to straighten your teeth without fixed appliances, but a night orthodontic appliance to straighten your teeth will not produce major dental movements. Straightening your teeth without a fixed appliance is a viable solution for the cases of crooked teeth that do not require extensive movements or occlusal adjustment (adjusting the way your teeth bite together, or “your bite”).

We, at the OrthoMontréal Clinic, will advise and present options for straightening your teeth without fixed braces. Fixed dental solutions or braces for advanced forward teeth, crooked or not aligned will be presented to you during your first consultation with us. We will present the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and answer the questions you might have. We will also give you an estimate of the duration of the treatment and an estimate of the costs for your insurance.

Do not hesitate to contact us at +1.5147489444 to make an initial consultation appointment.



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