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Quebec Orthodontist Braces Montreal Dr Thanh-De Nguyen, DMD MSc(ortho)

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

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The meaning of orthodontics

The meaning of orthodontics can sometimes be confusing. Orthodontics is a dental specialty dedicated to the correction of bad positions of the jaws and teeth in order to optimize the alignment of the teeth and the jaws. Sometimes, people think that the meaning of orthodontics is limited to the teeth. In fact, the postural balance between the bone structures is involved. Orthodontics also encompasses the occlusion, the way the upper teeth and lower teeth bite together, as well as the development of the bone bases for a functional and esthetic purpose. In doing so, and when surgery is necessary with orthodontics, STO Orthodontics becomes necessary in some cases. STO Orthodontics, or Surgical treatment Objectives, is in fact a simulation of what the goals of the results can look like. When surgery is necessary with orthodontics, STO Orthodontics can be viewed as a prediction the dental movements, the need for extractions, the mechanics pan, the nature of the osteotomies. It provides a reasonable prediction of soft tissue changes. STO orthodontics can also provide a basis for computer imaging. Finding an “orthodontist near me” is not an easy task. Indeed, “an orthodontist near me” implies that one wants to find a specialist orthodontist and not a general dentist or dental surgeon (which is the exact synonym of general dentist or family dentist). As an analogy, a cardiologist is a specialist versus a family physician (or family doctor) who is a general practitioner that can also treat some minor diseases related to cardiology, but is in fact NOT a cardiologist. We, at OrthoMontreal, are in fact a specialist clinic in orthodontics. Therefore if you want to find an “orthodontist near me”, we can be your orthodontist of choice if you are in or around Montreal.



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