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Quebec Orthodontist Braces Montreal Dr Thanh-De Nguyen, DMD MSc(ortho)

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

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Discover the transformative power of dental braces for a radiant smile!

Are you looking for an effective solution to align your teeth and achieve a dazzling smile? Consider the "dental braces" solution! Dental braces are part of an orthodontic system designed to correct tooth alignment and improve jaw alignment.

The dental braces system, consisting of small metal attachments called brackets, is bonded to the surface of the teeth without drilling holes or damaging enamel. These brackets are connected by a metal wire, called an archwire, which gently applies pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them into the correct position.

Dental braces offer numerous advantages. They correct orthodontic issues and dental occlusions such as crooked teeth, dental misalignments, or malocclusions. Additionally, they help reduce the risk of cavities, gum diseases, and temporomandibular joint problems.

This system is recommended for children, teenagers and adults seeking to improve the aesthetics and function of their smile. Dental braces provide an effective treatment to correct orthodontic problems and achieve lasting results.

At our orthodontic clinic, OrthoMontreal, we offer personalized orthodontic consultations to assess your needs and recommend the most suitable treatment. Our certified orthodontist specialist and staff will guide you through the process of getting dental braces and answer any questions you may have.

Don't hesitate to take care of your smile and opt for dental braces, which can also be made in tooth-colored ceramic! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and restore a harmonious and healthy dentition.


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