Quebec Orthodontist Braces Montreal Dr Thanh-De Nguyen, DMD MSc(ortho)

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

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Like the Invisalign System, the Smile Direct Club is an orthodontic Aligner System made to aling your teeth where you receive a series of aligners that you wear all day (except for eating and brushing teeth). They gradually move your teeth. Both systems create their treatment plans using a software.

Differences between the Smile Direct Club and orthodontic treatments provided by orthodontists (Braces and Invisalign)

Cost, Duration of treatment and procedures

With the Smile Direct Club, the costs are lower and the treatment time is shorter. There are however reasons for this reality. With the Smile Direct Club, you buy the Aligners yourself, directly from the Company. Your oral, dental and periodontal condition (gums and bones around the teeth), as well as the condition of your temporomandibular joints and skeletal shifts, among other things, are not assessed in person by an orthodontic specialist, like they would have been if you were treated by a specialist in a clinic, neither at the beginning of your treatment, nor during and at the end of treatment. In some cases, it could be a potential offense with respect to dental treatment standards.

Therefore, the limitations and disadvantages of the Smile Direct Club are considerable: minor tooth movements only, no attachment to the teeth to perform rotations or to achieve correction of slightly more important dental malpositions, no direct correction of your occlusion, no reduction of Enamel is possible to gain space and to correct dental crowding, no in-person evaluation possible to determine your progress or inform you of problems such as your teeth that can not properly follow your Aligners, no possible movement of your molars to correct the relationship between your upper and lower teeth.

So in conclusion, in our opinion, “you get what you pay for” is totally applicable in this case.

The orthodontist clinic OrthoMontré on Cote-Vertu in Ville St-Laurent

Many people have asked us if our Ville-Saint-Laurent clinic is new in the area. In fact, we have been here for 19 years! However, our desire to improve and to make our clinic more current to the taste of our progressive clientele, has led us to make beautiful renovations to refresh and improve the comfort of our patient, such as the acquisition of Digital Radiology equipment and Digital 3D Scanner .... this is possibly the reason why our clinic stands out as "new" in the area. But we have been able, year after year, to stand out from our peers.

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Ville Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Québec, Canada  

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Invisalign Prix OrthoMontreal
Braces Cost | QUEBEC | OrthoMontreal Inc 514 (Orthodontiste)

Quebec Orthodontist Braces Montreal Dr Thanh-De Nguyen, DMD MSc(ortho)

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics
Invisalign price OrthoMontreal
Braces Cost | QUEBEC | OrthoMontreal Inc 514 (Orthodontiste)

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